NEXTCLOUD : XMPP config and sso tile

Since nextcloud 20, the “flying” tile yunohost to go back to main sso panel has disapeared.
How to configure the chat plugin in nextcloud, bosh url, etc (I have only the internal, bad working)

Hi @tutle, welcome back.

Maybe some nextcloud users asked to remove the flying tile yunohost, why do you miss it ?

Can you be more specific about your chat plugin question ? For example which plugin are you using ?

Other people reporting this issue : where is the "flying" yunohost main panel tile ? · Issue #367 · YunoHost-Apps/nextcloud_ynh · GitHub

I would like to have the tile back to easily switch to main panel when using other apps.
I use JavaScript Xmpp Client in nextcloud but I don’t know what to write (bosh url and xmpp settings) for external client (it doesn’t work well with internal).

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