Nextcloud Talk - Connection problems and how to solve

Hey threre,

as maybe people use Nextcloud Talk to keep contact, i had some problems with peoples video and sound.
A solution that could help here is a so called “TURN”-Server.
I helps to establish a connection via a relay so firewalls or symmetric NAT wont block the connection complete.

In yunohost we have the app synapse and it has a build in turn server.
The only thing we have to do is give nextcloud access to the turn server and the synapse server access to the world.

  1. In nextcloud you install the talk app.
  2. Install the yunohost package synapse.
  3. Change firewall rules for the ports of the TURN-Server #yunohost firewall allow Both 49153:49193.
  4. In nextcloud you install the talk app.
  5. Move to the configuration of nextcloud. Select talk and go to the section TURN-Server.
  6. You use your public ip + port and static-auth-secret found in /etc/matrix-synapse/coturn.conf

Happy phoning…
Cheers, smither


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