Nextcloud migration via backup - missing .ocdata file in /home/

Hi community,

I am doing some kind of ‘custom split migration’ of Nextcloud:

  • Most of Yunohost is moving to a VPS (due to ISP-trouble with IP’s)
  • Nextcloud data should stay at home (due to cheap VPS/expensive storage)

Nextcloud has ~70GB of data, but the VPS is only 20GB. The filecache is less than 200MB, and the rest of the database is much smaller.

The plan, after much deliberation:

  • Install Yunohost on the VPS
  • Restore backups at post install
  • In case of Nextcloud: a core-only backup of 600MB
  • Have datadir at home mounted on /home/

Before doing the last step, I checked whether things were working as they were supposed to. They did not, Nextcloud gave:


Your data directory is invalid

Ensure there is a file called ".ocdata" in the root of the data directory.

When comparing the old datadirectory and the new one, I see all userdirectories in
/home/ and some other files are created, but no hidden files such as .htaccess and .ocdata

Now it already is more than I might have expected, with the core-only backup. Still, should the hidden files not also have been backed up and restored?