Nextcloud Hub 3

When should we expect the new Hub 3 features?

When it’s done.
And I’m pretty sure you won’t have any precise answear, or any answear at all.

Here are some leads :
Here is YunoHost’s NextCloud repository : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/nextcloud_ynh: Nextcloud package for YunoHost
Here is the pull request linked to NextCloud 25 : Testing by ericgaspar · Pull Request #517 · YunoHost-Apps/nextcloud_ynh · GitHub

And just for info, I think (but have no idea why) NextCloud Hub 3 = NextCloud 25, but I really do not know why. (NextCloud Hub 1 was NextCloud 18…)

Nc25 = nc hub 3. The why is marketing. They thought high version numbers do not sound pretty. And the hub just means it is more than filesync, it’s office, groupware, chat, to do, etc. What they will do when they arrive at hub 25 is anyone’s guess.

Thanks for the answers, I was confused by the version numbers and the hub numbers; So I’m looking out for Nc 25.x.x, up from 24.x.x

It should be quick as the package testing branch already has some 25.0.0 branches merged to it

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There are always lots of bugs in the first “stable” release, just check the Nextcloud forums. Many essential apps are not compatible yet. The general advice is to wait until 25.0.1. (I have a test instance, though, with just very extra apps, and it works fine)

I will say that for each version of Nextcloud it is better to wait for the next one because it usually fixes the bugs found in the previous version :innocent:


Fixing bugs is nice, but after so many years, they are still adding more and more features without so much focusing on the speed and ressources consumption, especially for small personal servers. All the “speed” stuff they have been building is some very fancy backend tools meant to be used for 1k+ users instances…

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