Nextcloud + CoTURN (+ TALK) integrated installer for use of Nextcloud TALK outside local network


Hi there,

I have installed Nextcloud and Nextcloud TALK on my Yunohost Raspberry Pi 3, as I would like to start using the instance as an alternative to Google Drive and Hangouts/Skype :slight_smile:

Making video calls works within the local network. But when I want to call people outside of my house (which is what users not part of very large institutions would use it for of course ;)), it doesn’t work. It requires running a TURN server, which is not installed by default. This means practically that the Nextcloud TALK app is useless out of the box for probably most of the people who install it. To mitigate this, it would be very good to have a TURN server installed and configured in Yunohost.

I have inquired on the side of Nextcloud and they do not intend to package a TURN server with TALK for several reasons. However, they did outline the possibility (with code examples) of having an integrated installer packaged together with Nextcloud, common in other solutions like Yunohost. Including prompted GUI user input to change certain settings for the TURN server which need attention, very useful.

Of course, the strength of Yunohost is it being user centered and having the ability to install applications through usable graphical user interfaces (GUIs). I am therefore wondering if you (the official Yunohost Nextcloud app developers) would please consider packaging the CoTURN server with Nextcloud (TALK). An alternative could be to make a dedicated CoTURN app for Yunohost, but that installation and configuration might create extra hassle for users.

As I am a bit of a user choice architect (not a developer), I would like to volunteer for expert usability testing of the configuration and some design advice before that.

I am very curious about your responses, and thank you for starting to make self hosting available to larger audiences :partying_face: