Nextcloud + Collabora or Onlyoffice

Hello everyone,

i have tried a lot but without success. My goal is to edit and print stuff out of my nextcloud without downloading and opening the files again and deleting them after im done.

i had this working with collabora wonderfully. But after an update it stopped working. I tried to reinstall it and even installed the testing version of it with

sudo yunohost app install --debug --no-remove-on-failure

But the install fails with a lot of errors.

I tried installing Onlyoffice but then again i cant get it to open the files.

Im out of Ideas right now… Can someone point to the right direction pls?


Nextcloud 15.0.7~ynh1
Onlyoffice 5.2.8~ynh1
Collabora 1.0 (the version from the “appstore” from 2018 plus i tried the testingtree wich didnt install properly)

i have extra domains for everything with ssl certs

Thank you in Advance. Yours


i just realised, that there was an update for the system… so the version of yunohost ist now:

It depends the amount of users you are going to have editing files, If is just you, you can install collabora in docker in seconds, and making some small changes in the nginx config files could be done very quickly.

I prefer OnlyOffice, is harder to install, and very resource hungry, dont expect a raspberry to hold it. But if you are talking VM or even a second machine to do that, I already post an step by step guide to achieve it.

Hope it helps.

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