Nextcloud CalDAV url not working


I am using yunohost to self-host 2 different Nextcloud instances on the same server. Let’s call the domain for the first instance and the second

The first instance, functions perfectly and I am able to connect to CalDAV via the url

I am not able to connect to the CalDav on the second instance.

On my server, the file path to the first instance of nextcloud is /var/www/nextcloud/ and the file path to the second instance of Nextcloud is /var/www/nextcloud__2/

Since the file path is different, I am assuming I need to make a change to the CalDAV url so that the calendars are discovered. I just don’t know how to figure that out.

For what it is worth, if I use a web browser and go
I am redirected to the webdav interface and after entering my user credentials I see “This is the WebDAV interface, so I know the self-service discovery.

Does anyone know how I can modify the Caldav address for

Thank you.

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