Nextcloud application: set the DATA directory before installation?


I have a question about the Nextcloud app.
Is it possible to configure, before the installation of the app, the directory of DATA ?
Because I would like to use, for DATA, the 2nd internal disk of my machine?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hi @rican

I think the only option that you have is to link nextcloud to the user’s home. So I guess that you could hack it by mounting the home directories on your second drive and then installing nextcloud. To the best of my knowledge yunohost doesn’t handle the extra drive, you’re doing that from command line right ?

Otherwise head to to describe the feature you would like.

Bonjour arthurlutz,
J’ai suivi vos conseils et j’ai déplacé le répertoire /home sur mon deuxième disque. De cette façon Nextcloud installera le répertoire DATA sur ce disque.
Merci pour votre aide.
Hello arthurlutz,
I followed your advice and moved the / home directory to my second drive. This way Nextcloud will install the DATA directory on this drive.
Thanks for your help.

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