Newbie need help (german?)

I am new and have never done anything major before. I have some problems with the configuration, unfortunately my English is very bad (I can read very well, but I have a hard time writing, so I prefer to use DeepL), would someone be willing to help me a bit in German (or Italian)? Gladly also against a small donation. English is also possible if necessary, but please have a lot of patience when I have to explain something, maybe remote access via TeamViewer?

3 apps are important to me, OwnCloud, PiHole and wireguard.

The main problem at the moment is that my modem cannot forward DNS, which is why I cannot access it from the network.
Nextcloud cannot find the server, even after I have released it via the file as described in the instructions.
With Pi-Hole I don’t understand which ip I have to enter at the dns settings.
With WireGuard I already fail at the installation, because it needs its own domain, do I necessarily need my personal domain or is there another way?


Warm Welcome to The community,

German or any other language will be impossible for me but i am sure you will be entirely fine with English as its okay at any level as long you can read and follow.

please lets start by what is your router brand and model?
and we will keep from there

It is a custom router from my cable provider, Magenta Austria,
TG3492MT-AT, Fiber Box 2

i don’t find any way on the net to port forwarding for ipv4 do you have any idea if your router are able to forward ports?

though, i saw some option for unpn, what’s happening if you try to use it?

I don’t think it’s possible, at least not in the way, that are in the yunohost documentation

That’s how it looks.

you did just took those screenshots from your router?


Great, that look like a complete normal port forwarding interface,

may i know why do you think it will not be possible to open ports?

it doesn’t seems you did open any of them yet

Hmm, don’t I need the step?

there is a domain as the target:

lets start from the beginning please,

the page you just sent of yunohost about “hairpining” issue are not rlated to you at all,

your router is a fibre based new model with ipv4 port forwarding,

you should be able to see your local server without any issue,
at your beginning of your post you claimed about not being able to reach your server from outside of your network not from inside :slight_smile:

so please find at your router’s interface a DHCP option and send a screenshot if you can, or at least look for something like “Client list” or “Connected devices”
and check if you sees your server Yunohost,

and, where is your server hosted on?
a computer?
raspberry pi?

hmm sorry, something must have got lost in translation, I couldn’t reach the server from inside my network at the beginning, but it worked from outside (e.g. my smartphone without wifi).
But now I had doubts and changed the host file back in Windows, and it still works. Maybe the server in general had problems in the beginning?
12+ hours of wasted experimentation …
About the problem with WireGuard, I have now found out that you have to create subdomains first under domains.

On the issue with pihole. I have pihole on so far so good, everything seems to be working, but how do I get all my internet traffic to go through the DNS? Or what is the IP to enter as the DNS server?

If I have the pihole as a regular installation on the Raspberry, it is simply the IP of the Raspberry within my network, but how does that work with Yuno?

I use it on a Raspberry Pi 4 Modell B

ok now it doesn’t work again, can it be that the host file needs time to take effect? On my mobile phone (without wifi) I can still get to, but not on my Windows PC…

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