Need some advice on what to do

I’m needing to change my static html site to a cms. Ive used wordpres in the past but it is so bloated and runs databases. What I need to be able to do is just post an update ie blog post from the phone. I was building the site netlify/github using hugo as the builder. But I want to stay on my own server.
I’ve read about the Gogs app but not sure. It still requires Github? Ideally I would love to try Grav since I never have.
But then I think that maybe I should go with the federation thing. Write freely for the blog/podcast posts, peertube for my video channels, reel2bits to share my homemade music, etc.
I guess the kind of advice I need is what would be the least resource intensive. Go with wordpress or go federated or should I even worry about it? My federated stuff would be locked down except for my co hosts on the podcast. So no open activations.
If for some unknown reason that the podcast got popular would that causes problems hosting on a home connection?