Need help to set up Borg


Hello everyone!
I’m trying to setup both BorgBackup and BorgServer. What I would like to do is:

I installed yunohost in a small SSD, while I keep all my data on a larger HDD.
Then I have a third HDD just for backups.

I would like to setup BorgBackup like so:

-Backup the system which is on the SSD in a folder of the backup HDD (which I already managed to do via the yunohost GUI)
-Backup the data HDD in a folder of the backup HDD
-Set BorgServer repository to my backup HDD so I can backup all my computers over there.

I am not able to find a documentation that helps me achieve this kind of configuration.

Could someone help? Thank you.

It is not really clear on your message, but do you want local backups or distant backup ?

For now I only have local backups and it is really simple to setup.
Basically just install the borg app (no need for the server part) and the config is really basic (what apps to save, system, user files, where is the backup and how often to backup).

For the distant backups, it should be quite similar with the specifications about the connexion, but for this part, I do not use this (yet).

hello, me too I want an explanation for just a local backup,
Do you don’t need create an user like with an external backup with ssh and encypted key ? Or just a user ?

Also I have used Borg in the past, but didn’t like how complicated setup is.

I use restic now. Might be something to take a look at too :smiley:

My setup with Yunohost.

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Yup, that’s what I was looking for! Thank you!

No need to create anything for local borg backups.
Just install thee app and you’re done :slightly_smiling_face:

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