Multi-users apps?

Hi people,
My question is pretty simple: when you hack the applications provided with Yuno, do you change single user apps to multi-users ones?

Take Selfoss for example, which is a single user app AFAIK, does it get a multi-users capability with its “Yuno” flavor?


Sorry but, no, single-user apps are single-user apps and do not get extended/modified by the Yunohost community, AFAIK.
the only “hacks” about app is creating install/update scripts for them to integrate nicely with Yunohost (SSO, admin interface, etc).


Thanks @n00dl3, that’s clear.

Hi, correct me if I’m wrong, multi-users applications are hacked to use the LDAP directory which is the YunoHost core (or something similar).

So, I guess the Yuno flavor of the apps can use any other LDAP directory (that’s for a Synology nas which can’t run Yuno). Right ?

it depends on the application. Transmission, for example does not read any ldap entry, it is just protected by SSOwat and nginx’s reverse-proxy. Apps that can read LDAP like owncloud, for example are configured to use the local Slapd server and that’s it. I don’t think anybody would hack an application to change its authentication method, maybe I’m wrong, but it seems tricky higly time-consuming and hazardous.