Multi Instance of NextCloud

Hello All,

Non-techie user here … love the simplicity of Yunohost. I’m running it at home on a Raspberry Pi 3. Got most issues sorted out including hairpinning (that was a tough problem!)

My issue now is that I want to set up NextCloud for each of my family members (4 of us.) I can’t see how to set up separate instances though. I want to keep things private so that we have separate calendars and ToDo lists and files. How would I do this?

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Hello @Strathy
This app is not multi-instance (but I suppose it would not require so much changes to adapt it ?) so you can’t install it multiple time for now.

But Nextcloud is made to handle (potentially plenty of) accounts. So you could define one (separate if needed) user as admin that would manage the instance, and other accounts for common users.
Each ones will have separate calendar, contacts, files… But they can be shared between users if needed.
The admin could also send messages to all the users (you could for instance tell your family member that you’re doing an upgrade of Nextcloud).
The advantage of this solution is that you get a lighter installation - in terms of space, processor usage, memory - and also easier to maintain.

Ahhh. That makes sense. I’ll have to dig into NextCloud a bit more and see how it works and how to separate the users. For now it seems like all users have access to the same data.

Thanks for the info!

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Else, i use nextcloud for files only : user have to choose to share or not files. And for contact and agenda : i use baikal : each user have their own agenda and contact

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