Moving a domain from a server to another (like second domain)

I have two YunoHost server registered with Let’sEncrypt certificates and now I would like to move the domain from one to the other server but as a second domain, and I will need to use this second domain only for email.
Which is the best practice to make this moving?
It will be sufficient removing one server, change the dns and adding the second domain to the server registering again the domain with Let’sEncrypt?

I am not sure to understand your need, can you give example of your current situation and want you want to achieve ?

Sorry not to be clear, I try to be more now!
I have two different yunohost servers with two different domains all the two registered with Let’sEncrypt certificate:

I would like to transfer on first server as a secondary domain, adding it from yunohost administration panel and using it only form email: xmpp and other services are not important.
I would like to know what is the best practice to make this tranfser, in particular for what regard the certificate.

Still not sure, are there applications on ? (if only on subdomains, no problem)
If you have apps on this domain, I am not sure that you will be able to still use them on the second server.
If this second server have apps on subdomains, you will need to create a subdomain that will be the access to the SSO/admin.

If you want to stop the 2nd server and have everything from it on the 1st server, then this is quite simple :

  1. Create the domain(s) in the YunoHost admin panel of the 1st server
  2. Migrate the apps
  3. Change the destination(s) with your DNS provider (thanks to the anajytics feature, this is easy)
  4. You’re done, YunoHost can manage many domains :smiley:

It worked fine, thanks a lot!

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