Mounting external HDD - formatting obligatory?


i run yunohost on a raspbi 4 (4g).

i would like to mount an external hdd, i already read the documentation. i still got one question: do i have to format the hdd before mounting it, or does it depend on the filesystem? i used the hdd up to now as an external drive on my windows system. can’t i just plug it in and mount it?

No, you don’t have to format your hard drive. Check the format type of your disc. To work with windows and linux, it must be in ntfs.
You need to install the ntfs-3g package on your system:
sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g
then mount the disc where you want:
sudo mount -t ntfs / dev / sd … / … / …
or modify fstab

great thanks?

i’m rather new to linux. what do you mean by modify fstab?

You have to follow the yunohost documentation:
Chapter 3 to mount the disc
Chapter 4 for automatic mounting

ok, thanks now i know, that’s what i read.

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