More than one instance of apps



As I can see, it’s impossible to install a second instance of an app.
It may be understandable for some app, but not for all. For example, if I want to host 2 or 3 different sites, with different domain names, I may need two or more instances of «custom webapp»…

Would it be possible to allow it ?

I’ve just seen on the “packaging page” that it could already be allowed:

multi_instance : définit la possibilité de votre application à être installée plusieurs fois. Quand YunoHost essaie d’installer une seconde fois votre application, il remplaçera id dans votre script par un id__2. Cela signifie que si voulez être multi_instance, vous devez mettre toutes les valeurs identifiantes dans les scripts.

So, would it be possible to set it to «true» for the custom_webapp?

It is not possible for this app since it installs and configure pureftpd as well.

You can have a look to the work of @Maniack_Crudelis by installing his fork:

sudo yunohost app install

I did not test it yet.

How would this work with something like the WordPress app? I notice it says multi-instance on the App screen but there does not seem to be a way to install a second or third instance of this?