Mobile use and big yunohost logo


Have you ever try to use yunohost app on your phone. I tryed but I had a huge header and footer with a big yunohost logo and almost no space to type. Example note application or a pad.

Yunohost logo use the half of the sreeen. Is it really needed to have a huge logo on mobile ?

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Can you be more specific about your problem(s) to help us pinpoint the issue ?

  • What size is your phone screen?
  • What browser are you using?
  • What application are you trying to browse?
  • Please provide screenshots.

For example, I have no problems on a 5.6 inches, 18:9 ratio screen with Firefox for Android, either on the Admin panel or Syncthing app.

I was using pad. and I had a huge logo on my small screen 5.5

Alors, deux solutions pourraient fonctionner :

  • 1ere solution : Faire un code javascript, crĂ©ant une croix animĂ©e en haut Ă  droite permettant de supprimer le logo (parfois ennuyant) entièrement + peut-ĂŞtre avoir la possibilitĂ© de ne pas l’afficher du tout grâce Ă  un paramètre dans l’interface d’administration par exemple.
  • 2e solution : Faire un code css(type @media ... (...){...}), afin de supprimer ce logo sur les petites supports ou du moins diminuer fortement ses dimensions.

Note: I think you can slide the logo outside the screen.

With mouse and drag&drop - yes, but not on the phone. I have the same issue, because the logo covers the pagination on my rainloop.