Mobile browsers won’t load yunohost panel

Im not sure why this is but it’s been happening for a while. My website is unreachable on mobile but works just fine on desktop. This is not limited to just my phone but also a friends phone using a different provider. I don’t know what the issue is but even further I don’t know where to start digging. Any advice on where to start?

Certificat SSL ?
Quel navigateur ?
Feuille de style CSS pour mobile ?

SSL certificate?
Which browser?
CSS style sheet for mobile?

What kind of error message do you see exactly ?

“server has closed the connection”… looks like the server IS reachable… but doesnt want to handle mobile connections. it fails on both my iphone’s safari and also my flatmate’s android’s chrome mobile browsers.

dark theme for CSS [on SSOwat]… browsers are as in the last post… and all SSL certs are correct valid let’s encrypt certs and are good.

Hmmm by any chance could you check that it’s not related to a bad IPv6 DNS record ?

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