Miscellanous questions

first time user of yunohost :slight_smile: hello
Im trying yunohost in my “test” vps.
Many questions:
is dnssec supported for authoritative dns server use?
Is there possible to manualy edit dns zone for domain?
Possibility to allow AXFR for secod dns to work?
Possibility to config email antispam?
Possibility to have email alias?

Installed nextcloud app and on nextcloud settings, there was errors for well-known caldav and carddav and some others. (Nextcloud is only one that use well-known carddav and caldav.)

I like yunohost and willing to migrate to it from my 4 virtual machines :open_mouth:
Missing tls v 1.3 for now…

how to create port range in firewall? (coturn 49152:65535)

Nope and nope … the DNS configuration is just the recommended one, feel free to configure your actual DNS records differently if you know what you’re doing

Not idea what this is

There’s rspamd installed, but we basically have no expertise on its configuration so feel free to contribute on that part

Yes, either from the webadmin (edit the corresponding user) or from the user portal / SSO (click on the portrait in top left)

Then we can’t really help without any exact log / error message …

I believe you can’t :man_shrugging:

The synapse doc for yunohost says this :
yunohost firewall allow Both 49153:49193

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