Miniflux; bring this app back to live for Yunohost!


Miniflux is an amazing RSS reader app.
It is simple, easy to use and very clean.

In the past work has been done to bring it to Yunohost;, but the maintainer has lost interest since Nextcloud News is enough for them.

But not for me…
Sadly I have no coding skills, but I would be very happy to support in whatever capacities I have a live and kicking Miniflux app on Yunohost.

Are there people here who feel the same and/or have tips on how to blow a new wind of life into this Miniflux for Yunohost?

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Miniflux has changed language (from PHP to Golang), you need to create a totally new project from scratch to package it for Yunohost. Miniflux 2 is not backward compatible with Miniflux.

I’m also interested by this app, but I’m right now an absolute beginner about Yunohost. I will try first to RTFM of packaging apps to see if it’s accessible for me.

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