[Minetest] A voxel game

According to the documentation, and the app’s manifest.toml, the port should be automatic (as 30000 is the default and is already used, the system will try 30001, and continue to increment until one is available).

For the domain, it is not used by the server, but maybe the configuration will request a different domain, you should try.

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Please also add Mineclone2 to the install choices.

Mineclonia will irreversibly convert your world to a different mapgen so it would just be proper etiquette to make Mineclone2 as a default and give people the agency to be able to make the choice to migrate should they choose to.

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Here is the pull request I made to add mineclonia : add MineClonia by supermamie · Pull Request #48 · YunoHost-Apps/minetest_ynh · GitHub

You could do something close to this to add Mineclone2.

I am against the idea of making Mineclone2 as a default, for 2 reasons :

  1. Default game should be the default game (minetest)
  2. If “minetest should not be the default game”, why Mineclone2 and not Mineclonia ? The aim of this app is not to have a free Minecraft, but to have a nice game.

I don’t have the coding skills required for that and is why I made that request.

“Minetest the Game” has been removed as the default game as of 5.8.0 so even the devs aren’t in favor of that as default game.

Regarding Mineclone2, I have same question, why Mineclonia and not Mineclone2? They’re both continually updated so the issue of stability or other issues may be fixed in PR already.

I wouldn’t even have minded either of them as the default game if it weren’t for the fact that starting with Mineclone2 allows for migration into Mineclonia or any other forks BUT NOT the other way around.

Add that to the fact that Mineclone2 is the original upstream from which other forks such as Mineclone5 and Mineclonia originated from and has existed long before those forks means there are many servers who have Mineclone2 worlds that may have taken a break from hosting only to as of this moment be forced to migrate to Mineclonia and be locked out permanently from being able to migrate to other forks in the future. Mineclone2 is the safer option.

Also, as an aside, Mineclonia is closer to a “free Minecraft” compared to Mineclone2 which has more custom non-minecraft items such as Burgers and other additional blocks.

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I created a pull request with mineclone2, but I did NOT test it.
Can you please test it ? (with an upgrade and also a fresh install)

sudo yunohost app install https://github.com/supermamie/minetest_ynh/tree/testing --debug --force
sudo yunohost app upgrade minetest -u https://github.com/supermamie/minetest_ynh/tree/testing --debug --force

And then, say here if it worked or not : add mineclone2 by supermamie · Pull Request #67 · YunoHost-Apps/minetest_ynh · GitHub

@Mamie I’ve tested on a fresh install. I don’t see mineclone2 in the choices. I saw that your PR was closed but another one with the same PR was merged before I tested so it should have been in the main branch.

The game mode was added but not available in the installation list, here is a new PR, but I had some problems with my fork and have no time now to fix them, so this PR should NOT be accepted, but the modifications should be, maybe with another PR.

The PR was merged, up to the main branch, so you can go to upgrade normally on the master branch.

I’ve tested it again and for some reason choosing to install the Minetest app gives error. I tried with other apps and there were no errors. Copy pasted some of the error messages here.

[GET] /apps/manifest?app=minetest&with_screenshot
YunoHost encountered an internal error

Error: “500”

Action: “GET” /yunohost/api/apps/manifest?app=minetest&with_screenshot&locale=en

Error message:
Could not fetch source files, is the URL correct?

I am guessing the “&with_screenshot” is messing up the link somehow?

Okay now it works. Probably took a while propagating. But does that link really need the “&with_screenshot”?

Also I’ve been looking at the code and while I don’t understand most it, I think get some of it enough to come up with suggestions to add to that initial installation.

I think adding the option to edit motd, max users & map seed at the start of installation would be handy since they’re probably usually the ones who are also changed frequently.

Here is my incomplete code suggestion. I don’t really get it for sure so see if it’s feasible to add:

In manifest.toml

ask.en = "Enter a message displayed to players connecting"
ask.fr = ""
type = "string"
default = "Welcome to Minetest. Enjoy your stay!"

ask.en = "Maximum number of players that can be connected simultaneously"
ask.fr = ""
type = "int"
default = 15

ask.en = "Enter a map seed for your server (Blank for random)"
ask.fr = ""
type = "string"
default = ""

In minetest.conf

(line 1283)
motd = MOTD

(line 1287)
max_users = USERS

(line 1315)
fixed_map_seed = SEED

I will avoid too many options set during the install process and use the config panel for option like MOTD max number of player etc.

What is the limit for the number of options? This is just 3 more so can you please squeeze them in?

Also, where is the config panel for Minetest?

I have to clarify that the reason I chose these 3 options to be added at the start is because they’re the only ones missing to give the “works out of the box” experience after installation.

motd always point to Minetest Game even though a different game can be installed so it feels incomplete and must be tinkered with after install.

max users will almost always be tinkered with after install so its better to give that option at the start.

map seed is a pain if you or your community chose to use a known seed as your spawn as you will have to install and then a world already gets automatically created then you have to stop the server then you have to manually delete the world since you want to use your own seed then enter the custom seed in the config and then finally restart the server. All this hassle can be avoided if you can just pick the seed at the start.