Migration 32 bits to 64 bits

I know there has been a few topics on this, but basically, with NextCloud 25 now available, it’s important to migrate.
I have a RPI4 but unfortunately I picked the 32 bits version when I installed YNH initially. Now I could of course use a second RPI and do a migration, but I’d be more comfortable migrating the underlying debian 11 from 32 to 64 bits.

So far, all the topics here have been closed without solution…

personally I would try:

  • backup my whole system with a snapshot/dd, what you want (to be able to come back to a working ststem very quickly)
  • backup yunohost
  • erase all and re-install 64 bits version of your OS
  • re-install yunohost
  • finish post-installation by restoring your yunohost backup.
    I did it one time without issue, so it should be fine, but I think it’s also dependant of the installed apps on your system.

Totally agree with polochon. I would perform a force-upgrade on apps that fail to start after restoration: yunohost app upgrade <the_app> -F, that makes sure to re-build the apps previously compiled for ARM.



Just some feedback if it helps other people:

  • vaultwarden did not restart until after I ran yunohost app upgrade vaultwarden -F
  • nextcloud had an issue during the re-install which is quite weird (and unrelated to the process): my initial machine has a domain which I changed (and afterward removed the old domain name). There’s a trace of the old domain in nextcloud somewhere which ended up screwing the restoration. I had to re-add nextcloud.myolddomain to the ynh domain list, then the restoration went well!

Thanks for the advices !

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Do you have a log for that?

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Yes, I’ve opened a ticket for this as it’s quite a different topic

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