Migrating owncloud_ynh,manually upgraded to Nextcloud, to Nextcloud_ynh?

Hi there,
Long before there was a Nextcloud Yunohost app, I installed Owncloud in Yunohost and all was good. When Nextcloud came out, there wasn’t a Nextcloud app for Yunohost, so I manually upgraded it. I’ve been manually upgrading it ever since.

The trouble is, Yunohost still thinks it’s ownCloud 9.0.4 or something when it’s actually Nextcloud 14, and I’d like to fix that,

What would be the best way of doing this? I’m guessing:

  1. Copying the Nextcloud.conf file
  2. Change the assigned domain of my “ownCloud” install in Yunohost
  3. Installing Nextcloud via Yunohost
  4. Copying the nextcloud.conf file over from the copy made in step 1 to the new Nextcloud install directory?

Would this miss anything or create problems? Is there a better way?