Migrating certbot config to YunoHost (For IMAP / SMTP)

Hello all,

Hope you’re well. I’m looking at migrating from a regular Debian system to YunoHost. The new YunoHost box will be on a new server, clean install of Debian.

On the existing Debian system, I have a working Postfix + IMAP + SPF + DKIM config. Certbot is being used to generate a proper signed cert for IMAP / SMTP (STARTTLS)

How do I migrate the existing Certbot config to new YunoHost box?


I think you don’t need to do that.

I think you just need to setup yunohost, add your domain, redirect your dns, and generate new certificate for all domains. You should also create user, alias and forward.

You might need before to import your Let’s encrypt account file in /etc/yunohost/letsencrypt_account.pem BUT i think probably no


Thanks mate, will give it a go and report back