Migrating an existing Mastodon instance in Yunohost

Has anyone migrated an existing Mastodon instance into Yunohost and is prepared to share their experience? It seems straightforward but a nice thing to have would be LDAP integration for the users without too much intervention - there are only a handful but if it can be done transparently it would be great.

have tried it?

I haven’t got around to it yet, I’m hoping to try this week.

Have you test it?

I think if you make a database backup and the system directory where all the data is located, it should actually work.

That does work, although there were a couple of things I came across there:

  • Make a unique Yunohost admin that doesn’t have the same username as any users in the database so you have a user you can log in as and repromote old users from the Admin interface.
  • Turn off 2FA for users who have it as it will have be regenerated.
  • Ideally, you could migrate users from the Mastodon internal authentication to Yunohost’s LDAP authentication but I didn’t look too deeply into that.

I was also intending to switch from local storage to object storage, which should be possible with tootctl accounts refresh --all although there may be a problem with the Yunohost mastodon account running out of filehandles when that is run. This might be easier to deal with when the shell function is enabled in the yunohost command.

In the end as I only had two active accounts to move I started a new server and will either try and restore the existing toots or make them available as an archive.