Migrate gitea from one server to another with different domain

Hello, I have two yunohost servers and would like to migrate gitea from one to another that has a different domain, is it possible?

You can generate a backup on your first instance, retrieve the then file and apply it to the 2nde instance.

Look the documentation.

Yes, but if the second server has a different domain it will work? my gitea instance on first server is not fixed on the first domain?

You can try, it’s only his data ; i think Gitea get the data and not his server setup.
Another solution, look the Gitea documentation about his backup ; but maybe it’s a same issue.

Last solution, write a script to send all repo in CLI and the Gitea api.

Tried that:

And it does not work, wrong restoring the backup on another domain

I did it!! Added the domain of first yuno to the second one(not a yunohost subdomain), add the user admin of gitea and restore the .tar backup…now I need to figure out how to pass ownership of projects from old user admin from server one to admin of server 2.

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