Menu Link Button

I have just installed Yunohost on my server for the 1st time and my first impressions are very good congrats to the developers for there hard work,

My perceived problem is the grey and white Yunohost bottom at the bottom right hand corner of my app pages which appear to link back to the home page, on my chrome browser these buttons appear to do nothing.

Can anyone explain how I can resolve this?

Many Thanks

This tile button allows you to go back to the view of all apps.
You can move it to an other place.

Thanks for your reply Moul, yes my problem is the button is doing nothing when I press it. I am using Chrome.

Do you block JavaScript execution?
If not, could you open an issue.

Yes I have just check my browser setting and it is enabled to run javascript on all sites.
I shall open an issue.
Thanks for your help,