Mastodon and OnlyOffice want to use the same local port


It seems that Mastodon and OnlyOffice packages both want to use the same port : 3000.

Does anybody with both app installed can confirm ?

I may change OO port because it is easier and port is used for the example server only, but i don’t know how to handle future updates.


That’s indeed correct for Mastodon, not for OnlyOffice. Both use the `` helper though, so thatthey will automagically find the next available port if their targeted port is already used.

What’s your issue? YunoHost typically takes care of such matters.

:warning: Only office also installs other components, for example on port 8000: Healthcheck issue when another app listens on port 8000 · Issue #103 · YunoHost-Apps/onlyoffice_ynh · GitHub. Maybe that’s also the case for port 3000?

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