Master domain setup/change

Hey folks,

I came across your software and so far it looks very good. I am “pre-install” and I have a major question regarding multi domain and domain changing. I am asking to avoid reinstalling yunohost on a later date.

I have more than one domain (a, b and c). I want domain a to be master (e.g. for login names) but for testing I can only use domain b (including mail domain setup etc). So can I

  1. Setup a as master, use b for testing and later just add domain a to the server
  2. Do 1. but with manual configuration changes
  3. Setup b as master and later on change it to a.

This could be a stupid question but your application could do checks against the configured domain and fail if the domain is not forwarded correctly.

I am looking forward to read your opinions.



Hi there,

not sure to understand what exactly you want to do but, maybe this will help :

  • You are free to add any domain to yunohost. Even if you want. But as long as the DNS is not configured properly (i.e. making point to your server’s IP), it’s not very useful. On the other hand, it doesn’t break anything and you can just prepare everything to be ready until the day you get control of the DNS records of

  • Don’t know what you mean by “master” domain, but there is a notion of “main domain” in yunohost. By default, it is the one you chose during installation. You can change it with yunohost tools maindomain -n

  • In the future, we might have some features to check and tell you if a domain seems properly configured (and in particular the DNS configuration and the port routing, which typically yunohost has no control on). This is what is already ~done (to some extent) when trying to install a LetsEncrypt certificate on a domain. Still, that doesn’t change that you can (and should be able to add) on your server even if the DNS doesn’t point to it ;D

Hey CaptainSqrt2,

Thanks for your detailed reply. You anwered all of my questions.

You are indeed right I guess I was talking about the main domain. Why this matters? Because you have to use some kind of user id to login to your installation (e.g. and I want it to be ( after I finished.

Btw: I am asking because I was evaluating It is a nice application and very easy to use but they cautomate and heck a lot of things which in the end made it impossible to switch from domain A to domain B without using Amazon Route 53 as DNS server.