Mass import user and account creation

I am looking to launch a YNH4.0.8 installation to be used with 150 users at start, but up to 1.000 users in the end. It runs on a VPS with Debian10. I have SSH, FTP and web access.

Is there a fast, automated way, to create user-accounts on this scale?

As there are many things done by the user creation, I think the best way is to use the yunohost command for this :
I think the group feature will be necessary too :

As I never used it, I have no idea of the speed nor if it is possible to enhance it to be able to do each sub-part only once.

Currently no.
You can do a bash loop with yunohost user create command.
A feature to import users from a csv should appear in november/december


that would be a godsend. Thank you for working on this feature! :pray:

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