Make it easier for user to give feedback / open package issues

It’s a little bit hard to give feedback to a package or create a github issues, because for normal users it’s IMHO not easy to find the right place for this.

Think only a few normal users knows that all packages are here:

So i assume most users didn’t know where they can report bugs, isn’t it?

If you are under /yunohost/admin/#/apps/catalog you have the two buttons here:


But if the app is installed and there are troubles, you get no links on the app info page e.g.: /yunohost/admin/#/apps/nextcloud

The footer contains the “help link” to: but this also doesn’t help in this context.

If Links to e.g.: are somewhere, then the next problem is to find a easy way to explain the difference between issues in the YunoHost Package and issues in the upstream project… But that’s is the next step :wink:


Developers may correct me if I’m wrong, but this may be by design. I don’t think they want the Github pages cluttered up with issues that may not be issues, but rather a way the user is configuring the app.

I think the devs want people to first try to post on the forum to fix the problem. If it turns out to be an actual bug, the maintainer ‘should’ or might see the thread here and open an issue themselves.

Or if a user tries to fix using help from the form but can’t, they could then try posting an issue on the github page: appname_ynh

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Sounds plausible. But I think we should rethink about it!

If github bug tracker are flooded with upstream issues, then something should be done to avoid this. Was it in the past so that too many tickets were made? Or is that just an assumption?

Hmyeah it’s a complicated topic, basically I don’t know if it’s clear for anybody (both user and maintainers) wether people should post on the forum, or wether they should create a ticket on the github repo (assuming they have a github account etc.)

Naively I think we could indeed, on the “app info page” inside the webadmin, add a small section with something like:

  • if you need general help with this app, consider checking topic on the forum on
  • if you found a technical bug, or want to checkout ongoing development on this package, please check



thanks for the awesome information.