Make a file downloadable directly from /var/www/?

I don’t know if anyone has time to help me, I’m trying desperately to make a downloadable JPG file from my server. I can do it with nextcloud and other hosting app but I’d like to make it manually because it was the fourth time I make html signature file for all my coworkers and I broke the link every times I move or rename the folder. Just boring…

So, I would’ve thought it would’ve been easy to find a tutorial but unfortunately not.

Basicaly, I just have to move to /var/www do mkdir /download , a chown www-data:www-data and chmod -R 755?
But as I see ther is no www-data user.

What can I do?

I think you might want to have a look at and ?

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Great :slight_smile: that what I was looking for. I’ve uploaded my file via scp directly on the www of web_app, make them 755 and chown webapp1:webapp1

Now I can see them in my browser by taping the urls but if I add this link to my html signature I can’t.

Is there any configuration to add in /etc/yunohost/apps/my_webapp/conf/nginx.conf ?

Uh but howdid you do that ? Are you talking about email signature ?

Yep it’s about that. For example here you can see the png but I can’t see it if I add this code into my email client or if I use my WYSIWYG app. Like coda for example.

< img src=“”/ >

show this

here is my file :


Into coda I have this :


And if I pick a image link from any website, it work fine. So I don’t know where to search how to make it visible.

Well for instance for me the link does not seem to work, so ? Are you sure that you don’t have some piece of configuration local to your machine such that it works for you but not for others ? Or maybe your app is configured as private and you are logged in the SSO so that works for you ?

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Haw yes, that’s right, my app were configured as private. Just re-install as public and it work fine.
Many thanks :slight_smile: