Looking for support in Stockholm

Hello everyone!

Is there anyone living in Stockholm who could assist me in installing Yunohost on a standard computer at home?
Configuring my router and DNS are the most difficult parts for me, and I find it difficult to get help via the forum. So if someone has some time for helping me “on-spot”, I would be very grateful (and I will invite for a pizza and a drink of course! :wink:).

Thank you in advance.

ping @kload just in case, though I doubt he’ll answer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi, I can help you out too. Send me a PM if needed.

Edit: Problem solved! We had a great experience with @Milhouse’s ISP customer service: they offered to make one of his modem’s port dedicated to the server, with its own fixed and public IP address! It is the first time I have seen an ISP so understanding (and quickly dropping the helpdesk script) and willing to do such unusual configuration. :open_mouth:

I have made a PR regarding this in the documentation.


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