Listmonk no views, no clics

Hi evryone, great concept and happy discovering Younhost,

installed yh on ubuntu vps under Hetzner successfully with many office app like listmonk, mautic, etc.
Install is fine, with no errors, i can get to listmonk dashboard, and tried to send testing campaigns. Everything seems fine but im not able to see clics and views in analytics.
i already activated images from email clients
is there any port to be open ? plz any help + thank you a lot

here some shots about default template, :

Just a guess, but does the app need to be exposed to visitors in order for this to work?

@Nathan sure like previous messages about this app. Did you succeded to get views or clics ?

I haven’t used it, just wanted to make that suggestion. That usually seems to be the issue when having trouble communicating to people who aren’t users / logged in to your YNH instance.

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