paper : "Privacy research on


I came across this Github repository : Privacy research on

In fact there are two papers and “TL;DR” are here :

As I’ve discovered/installed Matrix through Yunohost and used it for years, I think this paper could interest some people here.

I’m not an IT expert and don’t know, so I don’t really know how to digest this information … don’t hesitate to share your thoughts !

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That’s very interesting (and scary), thanks for sharing.

I wonder what’s the validity right now, and what are the possible workarounds…

Indeed very interesting!

But if say that we self host the server and we don’t federate it, is it still leaking data??

I don’t really know … from my understanding the data is still leaked among the server instance users. So if the instance is not federated, maybe it’s only leaked within the instance itself, what is still a problem of design.

It could be better to publish the gitlab links :wink:

It would be good to have an update of this analyze as they did some improvement in the meantime. But so far I see Matrix as a very obscure alternative to XMPP, without significant advantages excepted a uniformized UI. So I would disrecommend to use it.