Letsencrypt certificate with aliases


3.2.2 (stable)
3.2.1 (stable)
3.2.0 (stable)
3.2.0 (stable)

I am looking for a way to configure letsencrypt so that it will include aliases, so that if someone writes www_mydomain_com or mydomain_com without the www it will have the certificate valid.
As it is now I can’t do it, have configured the DNS as an alias (CNAME www is an alias of mydomain.com), but if I try to navigate to that page I have the browser blocking the page as the certificate is not recognized as valid, and if I navigate to the www page i get:

I know it is possible because I have another server with docker and I could do that.


Peut-être ai-je mai compris ta demande, mais :

Tu peux, pour chaque domaine enregistré dans YUNOHOST, choisir de poser un certificat let’sencrypt. La redirection vers ton domaine principal reste possible. :slight_smile:

Huum, my french is little rubbish, but…
I know I can add a letsencrypt certificate from yunohost, and I also know that it renews it automatically thanks to cron jobs sceduled, and that’s COOL.
But, I am referring to the fact that I have 1 website (or application, that in this specific case is wordpress, but it doesn’t matter) and it should work either I write the url with www or not.
But as it works letsencrypt, you have to specify it the moment you generate a new certificate, I’ve found a related thread in the let’sencrypt forums that may help understand what I want to achieve:


Oh, and by the way, I have already configured the DNS with CNAME www alias, as I did in my other server.