Let's Encrypt on nohost.me domains

Is it possible to use Let’s Encrypt certificates into nohost.me domains?

Yes, I use a Let’s encrypt certificate on my yunohost install ****.nohost.me.

Please see : https://github.com/alexAubin/letsencrypt_ynh

Disclaimer ! This is alpha/experimetal software, use at your own risks.
Testers / feedbacks are welcome ! So far I tested the install on a Yunohost test
VM, and a production server (RPi). It seems to work though the install takes a

So how do you use it?

You can install them through the administration web interface by choosing “Install custom app”, or using the moulinette (https://yunohost.org/#/apps_in_progress_en).

After, if I’m right you, must follow 1-2 easy steps or it could be automated.

EDIT : else you can try this, How to: Install Let’s Encrypt certificates