LE Challenge failed - IPv4 and IPv6

This quick post just to let you know of my latest trouble : I had a fully operationnal Ynh install, and then one day my LetsEncrypt certs refused to be renewed.

When I did it manually, the log displayed an error “Challenge failed” but the 3 lines of IP debugging (provided by ynh tool) were identical :

  - 2020-05-12 15:20:26,549: WARNING - Debug information:
  -  - domain ip from DNS        163.172.XX.54
  -  - domain ip from local DNS  163.172.XX.54
  -  - public ip of the server   163.172.XX.54

BUT in the json-line just above, I could read that it used an IPv6 adress u'addressUsed': u'2001:bc8:YY:1302::1' .
:arrow_right: My VPS had changed of IPv6 adress, but was still at the same IPv4. Thus I could connect via web (as long as certificates were not expired) but the LE challenge failed.

As soon as I updated my AAAA field, at my registrar’s DNS, the challenge went succesfully.

Maybe the debug info could include IPv6 ?

Anyway, thanks for the good work, and may the sysadmin-force be with you !

That part has been reworked in 3.8 and now integrates results from the diagnosis which should handle ipv6 correctly

What can I say… you guys are the best !

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