Laverna note taking app installer package

I recently learned about the Laverna note taking app, so I quickly made a functional yet incomplete YunoHost app installer package. It can run completely locally, or you can connect your own remoteStorage server or Dropbox account for synchronization across sessions and devices. It has some encryption capabilities too.

If you like the app, please contribute code improvements to make the installer more complete (backup and restore scripts are needed, for example.) It also needs a way to automatically get the latest static compiled version of Laverna from the project repo during the installation process, but maybe people prefer to be in control of the version to prevent unexpected incompatibilities with YunoHost.

Thanks for working on this!

A few remarks sent as GitHub issues.

Don’t forget to add it to

YunoHost would be a good place for a remoteStorage server?

Thanks for all the advice and assistance. I’ll incorporate the changes you recommended.

I was thinking there should be a sister app that lets users install their own remoteStorage server using YunoHost, which would benefit other web apps that use remoteStorage as well.

Hi, thanks for laverna, missing a note editor or todolist on Yunohost. Is is safe to use on Laverna yunohsot? (because development is not finished) any risk lost notes, etc ?

I’m glad you might find it a useful app; it means I didn’t waste my time making the YunoHost package :smile:

However, I have not tested the install script against the latest version of YunoHost, because I haven’t updated it since November. It doesn’t use a database or anything though, so you’ll probably be fine. Still, use caution if you cannot suffer any server downtime if something goes wrong.

Laverna saves notes locally in the browser using localStorage. You can easily lose notes if your browser removes this data. You might consider using the Etherpad app instead. Also, you might be insterested in Litewrite.

I love the concept of Laverna but I don’t have any remoteStorage space yet (maybe a future YunoHost app?) :smile:
Alternatively, I would also suggest me TagSpaces app :

TagSpaces is a great note-taker as well (I use it to replace Evernote) but you need OwnCloud to sync the notes and files. I have explained the steps in my github. The advantage is that you can edit your notes locally, then sync the folder with your OwnCloud and use the webapp to edit/view on the go…



If you like post-its, you could try . If some features are crudely missing in this app, tell me (via issues or in the forum).

Otherwise… Does some body think about a ynh package for remoteStorage?