Keep getting "Page not found" error!

Hi everyone,

I just installed a few apps on the server (Owncloud and Roundcube) but cannot access any of them. I keep getting a “page not found” error. The other strange thing I noticed was that when I reboot my pi I am able to access the apps but then I for some strange reason my mobile devices aren’t able to connect to the internet wirelessly. Strangely enough my imac and macbook are able to connect via wifi to the internet at all times. I know, it sounds completely crazy!!
I know there something strange going on with my router but I don’t know how to go about fixing it.

Thanks a lot!!

Hey @sedusa

Try to add a /at the end of your URL:

https :// / roundcube /
https :// / owncloud /

I have also suffered from such page not found error on my MacBook Pro an when I tried to solve the error, the macbook pro won’t turn on black screen.