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Hello everyone. Help… I’ve made a mistake. I think.

When it became available I upgraded to 4.4.x.x, I was then given the option to do the migration in Tools > Migrate, which for some reason didn’t complete. I was able to go back and I have a fully working YNH server (whew!), I refused the migration when it became available to me after a restore as I was a bit nervous. I have everything on my YNH server, mail, websites everything. I’m on a QNAP virtual machine which takes twice daily snapshots so I do have a back up of sorts, indeed I used it to go back when the migration failed the first time which is why I was offered the migration a second time.

I am now on I have been updating this part almost daily as they have become available.

Today I thought I’d try again and do the migration. Of course it is not available in the Tools > Migration menu in the WebGUI becuase I skipped the migration, so I did a:

sudo yunohost tools migrations run

Thinking, stupidly that that might work. It didn’t of course, I got:

Info: No migrations to run

Of course it wont work, there are no migrations showing in the WebGUI… doh!

So the question is. Is it possible to force the migration to be available again so that I can do a full upgrade? or can I set it off using the CLI via SSH?

Any help or advice is of course gratefully welcome.

Best wishes


Zblerg yes just sudo nano /etc/yunohost/migrations.yml (or maybe no s at migrations ? idk) and remove the line corresponding to migration 0021 / migrate to bullseye entirely, that’ll make it available again

@Aleks Thanks very much for your quick reply.

Found it. The full line is:

sudo nano /etc/yunohost/migrations.yaml

In case anyone else asks.

It worked, I now have the option back to upgrade…

Now I have to stare at it and decide yes or no!!!

Have a great day and thanks again


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