Issues with IMAP


I have recently installed YunoHost on a DigitalOcean VPS. For the first 4 days we had serious issues with mail. Both outgoing and incoming. Last night, I finally fixed it. I have no idea how, but it worked. It continued working, until this morning when I tried to sign up for Twitter with my new email address and I never received the confirmation email. I worked on fixing it all day, fiddling with DNS settings, etc. Here are my current settings for reference (couldn’t attach an image 'cause I’m new).

I am totally at a loss here. I have completely exhausted every troubleshooting option I can find. I’ve tried on four fresh Debian VPS’s. I really need some help, anything would be greatly appreciated.

Hope we can figure this out,

Edit: to clarify, sending works just fine.

Hi God,

You should use on the MX line. Not the sub-domain

Just tried that, still doesn’t work :confused:

My server is hosted at, so I thought it would make sense that mail is handled by that.

So you have 2 different servers ?

Which one is the one with YunoHost, or ?