Issue starting uwsgi

I did a diagnostic check on my Yunost host installation today and say that I had a service that wasn’t starting.
The service in question is uwsgi and it fails to restart within yunost host, and by issuing the command: sudo yunohost service restart uwsgi.

The feedback of that command is:
Success! Service ‘uwsgi’ restarted

This is my log within the console:

If I navigate to “/etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled”, there is only a README file.

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 on a virtual machine at home.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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In this thread Can't restart uwsgi / Impossible de redémarrer uwsgi :'( - #5 by Gavy (fr) a developer says to just remove the ‘app’ from Yunohost

" Ou de faire: yunohost service remove uwsgi (ça n’enlève pas le service, ça l’enlève juste de l’intégration de yunohost car n’a pas de sens de l’avoir dans yunohost)"

Or do: yunohost service remove uwsgi (it doesn’t remove the service, it just removes it from the yunohost integration because it doesn’t make sense to have it in yunohost)

I always have uwsgi ‘exited’ too. It doesn’t seem to make any difference to the functioning of my system, so I think I will follow this advice.


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