Issue installing Homarr

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Hardware: Old laptop
YunoHost version: (stable)
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Description of my issue

I’m trying to install Homarr, but runnin into the following error, i’ve ensured everything is updated, but not sure what else to try.

Full Log:

Error: "YunoHost was able to download the asset 'main' (\
  \ for homarr, but the asset doesn't match the expected checksum. 


The Homarr package for YunoHost was updated at 03:36 GMT+2 on 2024-05-08, while the the v0.15.3 tag has its assets timestamp at 16:06 on the same date, while the release is timestamped at 19:39.

So it looks like there was a sneaky update of the tag after a hotfix: chore: merge hotfix to master by manuel-rw · Pull Request #2043 · ajnart/homarr · GitHub

I’ll update the YunoHost package to fix that.

Please, if you post here on the forum and also in the app issues, mention it. :wink:

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