Is it safe to use update from YUNOHOST interface?

i see two parts of update: system and applications

  1. do i understand correctly system is like “apt get update + dist upgrade” ?

  2. Applications. i have only wordpress there, so it will update to the latest version of wordpress ? same way if as i did update from wordpress admin area ?

  3. Application - i have - 1 (manual webapp) my_webapp … what this update will do exactly ? i have manually inslatted wordpress there, and i am afraid that it might break something.

  4. in general , it is safe to use those updates from yunohost interface ?

also i tried manually to update WP from command line and got error.

root@:~# yunohost app upgrade wordpress
Error: wordpress is not installed

and i have 5 wp sites at yunohost.


Kind of, but not exactly : upgrading an app from yunohost will update the app “package”. Yunohost ‘apps’ are not just copy-pasta of the wordpress sources for instance. They also contain config files for the integrations with the rest of the system. For instance, nginx (the web server) and ldap (the stuff managing users, allowing the Single Sign-On thing.). So for instance if LDAP integration is broken and the package got updated to fix it, upgrading the app will fix it.

(Not sure if that’s clear :/)

Eeeh, yea I guess ?

Hm well, that might be because the expected thing here is the “app id” and not the “app name”… which is the context of “multi-domains” apps is like wordpress__1 for instance. You should be able to list them by running yunohost app map I believe

You should take app backup by yunohost backup create --ignore-system --apps app_names_to_backup or through web interface. So if any thing goes wrong or your app brokes, you can restore it back. For most part app upgrade is for good.
Note: For backup and restore the app should be compatible to do that. Most of the apps are compatible but some are are not and sometimes restore and backup script are not tested, so best way is to test an app for backup and restore script as soon you install an app.

Way to ensure backup and restore scripts are working as expected.

  1. Install an app
  2. Do some changes in the app
  3. Backup the app
  4. Remove the app
  5. Restore the app
  6. Test if everything you changed is there and the app is working.
    So if everything works you can be sure that your data on the app will be safe and you can upgrade the app after backing up the app.

The app on install,upgrade,backup,restore and remove don’t touch each others setting. If you upgrade an app and your system stops working because of that app then removing the app will in most cases make your system back to normal. Updating of webapp app could bring a new improvement for eg. Webapp could bring force https to the webapp for good and will have no effect on main app working folder.

Its safe to update from command-line and web interface.

You have to do the upgrade,backup and remove from the app id. You can see all the apps id by sudo yunohost app list --installed | grep "id: " Be careful to check the right app id if you have multi-instances of the same app installed.

thanks for answers !


is there a documentation how to make backup and restore ?
i found this one only for now

This is the only official document available right now. You are most welcomed to improve the documentation and contribute to the project.

You can automate the backup process by an app called as archivist which will take regular backups of the apps and the YunoHost core for you.