Is it possible to install 2 apps on the same server accessed through different subdomains?

I want to have a riot app accessed through chat.domain.tld and a searx app accessed through search.domain.tld is this possible?

Yes it is :slight_smile: (I have this on my server)
It requires a bit more work when changing something in the nginx conf’ (because you duplicate the work), but for installing, just create your subdomains, and install each app on the selected one.

What should I do to change the nginx conf? I want users who visit chat.domain.tld to be redirected directly to my matrix room.

I wasn’t clear: in case you want to change it (for instance, to configure which version of TLS is supported), you’ll have to do it for each subdomain instead of one time. That’s the issue with multiples subdomains.

For that you just need to redirect different subdomains to your server, and inside of Yunohost admin interface (or command line if you prefer), add all the domains. When installing your app, you can then choose the subdomain you want.
Don’t forget that you can install in the root / of a domain (and have only one app) or multiples in /myapp1, /myapp2, … As you prefer :slight_smile: