IP camera sous yunohost

Salut tout le monde.
J’essaie d’en apprendre plus sur Linux. Est-ce qu’il y a moyen de transformer une webcam en ip camera sous yunohost ou sous Linux en général?

What I ahve done in the past is install CasaOS or simply docker onto the server, in the case of CasaOS simply swith it’s port from 80 to another one I choose 90 usually and install motioneye, give it privilages to then use USB from devices and you can then mount your USB or internal webcams to MotionEye as IP cameras. hope this helps!

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If you have an OpenWRT router, or one listed in this project where you can install OpenWRT (https://openwrt.org/ ) you can install ffmpeg
[OpenWrt Wiki] package: ffmpeg

And access to the video stream by IP, with or without authentification.

Yep it should be good. In any case what matters is your command, not really what borg executable you are running. You can also mount one of your backups.