Invitations in Galene

Hi @ericg, hello to all,

I’ve just finished implementing invitations in Galene. In short, if you’re a group administrator or if the group has been configured to allow invitations by ordinary users, you may now type /invite or /invite user to generate a link that allows anyone who has the link to log in without a password.

This is described in detail at You may test the functionality at just log-in without a password, and type /invite in the chat.

Please have a look at the functionality, and let me know if there are any features that are missing and that you think would make it easier to integrate Galene into Yunohost.

(N’hésitez pas à répondre en français si c’est plus pratique pour vous.)


This is a nice feature that greatly simplifies the invitation process! I tested it and it works great!
Looking forward Galène 0.7.0