[Interoperability] in instant messaging XMPP and/or Matrix

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We are starting a project about how to interoperate Matrix and XMPP. The big picture is to develop a decentralized alternative to Whatsapp/Messenger/Signal/etc supported by small NGOs. Some of them run a Matrix server, other XMPP, but all share the same vision. Currently two people of the CHATONS.org are involved.

I can see a solution based on Yunohost, synapse_ynh, metronome or prosody, jisti_ynh and some matrix bridges. I’d love to gather ideas, experience feedback, in order to develop a concept that can reach the general public in the long term.

We already tested bridging a room with matterbridge between my synapse instance and a metronome server. But we would like to be able to bridge our full servers, being able e.g. to invite a Matrix user to a 1&1 chat from a XMPP account. Another interesting idea is that jitsi meet is based on xmpp, implemented in both matrix and xmpp clients. Thus I guess voice/video calls could be made cross-protocol.

What could be some easy next steps from your point of view?


I think the people of the Matrix team (and XMPP too I suppose) probably investigated that idea so I would check with them if they have any input on that topic ?


There is an official bridge