Internet Cube - Yunohost

Hardware: ASUS TR-AC68U
I have this box running the latest opewrt
Is there a way to install yunohost to turn it into a internet cube

Yes I suppose

I think this hardware may not enough. YunoHost needs 512MB of ram (but you can try to cut some unused services).

And i don’t find the cpu but you need encryption AES optimization in cpu (if the goal is to turn the router into a VPN box).

The unit seems capable
it has in its own vpn capability, I was looking at the hosting features of yunohost + vpn

Setting up a VPN client using Asus RT-AC68U router modem |

Looking for existing adaptations to cut time, - I am almost there, bu need more time
This is.a 4 year old unit and still very powerful - Such way it could reduce waste for repurposing devices if a straight path is found - I switched to Asus Merlin code that seems to be a straight than openwrt

OpenWRT can run on extremely limited hardware. Yunohost runs fine on limited hardware, but it is on top of Debian for package management (@Aleks , @ljf , please correct me if I’m wrong, I know that non-apt sources are used as well).

The Asus router has quite a lot of flash (128M) and RAM (256M) for OpenWRT, but I think Debian needs more than 128M of diskspace (I didn’t pay attention, I think it is around a gigabyte).

If you can make deban install to a connected USB-stick/drive, and allocate some swap there as well, the installation should run. Then run the yunohost installer on top of that.

If it is only to run a VPN securely, and you won’t use the other benefits of Yunohost, it might be overkill to install Debian.

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